Often when post-processing a photograph the aim is to carefully fine tune the levels and colour balance to capture the real life scene,但有时需要进一步编辑以增强具有超现实效果的图像。应用彩色石膏,increasing the contrast and adding lighting effects can give an image an intense mood just like we see in magazines or on billboards.

Chris Spooner on his motorcycle

After recently finishing my custom motorcycle project my buddy Ric (Urbanpixels)好心地利用他的摄影技巧,在一座废弃的旧乔治亚豪宅里给我和自行车拍了几张精彩的照片。(查看全部照片集).Ric做了大量的工作来处理摄像机的图像来微调亮度,contrast and color balance,but I fancied playing around to inject a little hyperreality with some moody color casts and epic lens flares to subtly enhance the photo.

Here's the photo I'll be working with in this tutorial.It's a perfect reproduction of the real life scene,but some additional lighting effects would really help bring the bike to life and intensify the mood.Open up your image in beplay足球Photoshop to follow the step by step process.

First add a simple Levels Adjustment Layer in beplay足球Photoshop.剪掉一些阴影,使图像稍微变暗。You could also drag the highlights inwards to further increase the contrast,but be careful not to blow out the highlights too much.

Next add a Gradient Map adjustment layer.设置从深蓝色(020413)到灰蓝色(2B4A61)到淡黄色(fce9bb)的渐变。图像的所有颜色将在这些选项之间交换一个值。

将渐变贴图的混合模式更改为叠加,以允许新颜色交互并更改原始图像的色调,产生一种微妙的色彩投射。Drop the opacity to lower the contrast and the impact of the effect.

摩托车是图像的主体,so illuminating the headlights will really bring it to life.Open up a suitable镜头光斑资源and paste it into the document.调整图像的级别以确保背景完全为黑色,否则,在下一步之后它仍然可见。



Open up a yellow flare from thisoptical flares pack并将其粘贴在文档中的主前照灯上。此特定图像还有一个需要删除的其他光斑。Draw a selection around it and hit delete.


打开一个随机的光斑图像,并将其缩放到整个画布上。选择大致适合图像组成的光斑,as the bright areas will be used to draw focus to those areas of the photo.

Change the large flare layer to Soft Light and reduce the opacity to fine tune the effect.This helps brighten the main subject of the image while also adding an extra subtle colour cast.

Add a Color Fill adjustment layer using a deep blue (#0c1329).Change this layer's blending mode to Lighten to restrict this colour to the shadows,turning them from black to this deep blue colour.




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  1. 非常感谢。你的教程摇滚和不错的自行车人!:-) You're one of those amazing people who seem to be good at everything you do!

  2. Photoshop中的色彩平衡和灯光效果编辑会对图片产生很大的影响。beplay足球Magazines often use these techniques to enhance the overall appeal of the pictures featured in their editions.The effects used in this image are easy and great.

  3. Color correction is very important for any photography.有时我们拍照,但不完美的根据其背景或环境,所以它真正重要的是做一些photoshop的工作,如您提供的提示,使其更具吸引力。beplay足球

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