Illustrating with basic linework not only results in some really cool artwork,这也使工作变得容易多了!不是刻意画出每一个细节,将对象简化为其基本形式,只使用一个笔画权重就可以产生一种风格化的象形图效果。In this tutorial I'll take you through the process of using this basic linework technique to create a cool motorcycle illustration.


The motorcycle illustration we'll be creating is actually based on thecustom motorcycle project我在现实生活中一直在努力。要创建插图,参考照片的每一个特征都是用最基本的形状和线条来简化和绘制,以产生时尚的象形图效果。

To make life much easier when creating artwork with a single stroke weight go to Illustrator's Preferences and turn off Scale Strokes & Effects.这将允许您在保持相同的笔划权重的同时缩放元素。

Draw a circle on the artboard with no fill but a black stroke.选择一个笔画权重,在整个插图中继续使用,我带着3PT走了。Copy (CMD+C) and Paste in Front (CMD+F) a duplicate of the circle and scale it up while holding Alt & Shift.Increase the stroke weight to represent a fat rear tyre.

Repeat the steps to create a front wheel,尽管对于该车轮,使用较小的重量行程来表示较薄的轮胎,但增加整个车轮的尺寸以匹配后部的直径。Use guides to gauge the sizing.






使用笔工具添加一些基本细节,将框架连接到叉子上,并构造车把。Select the Round Cap option under the Stroke menu to smooth off the ends of each line.

Draw a small Rounded Rectangle with maximum corner radius to represent the headlight,然后选择并拖动最右侧的点,然后使用直接选择工具向内移动。Stop just as the right edge becomes straight.


Copy/Past in Front a duplicate of the wheels and alter the stroke to 3pt.稍微放大一点,然后在最上一点后用剪刀工具修剪路径。

Select and delete the right and bottom points to form a stylised fender or mudguard.更改笔划设置以使路径具有圆帽外观。

通过使用直接选择工具操纵最左侧的点,从基本圆构造燃油箱。Give the tank a white fill and move it into place on the motorcycle.

Draw a single horizontal line with the 3pt/round cap settings,then hold ALT & Shift and drag out a duplicate directly underneath.反复按Cmd+D生成一系列等间距的行。

选择第二行并在按住Alt键的同时将其宽度缩小。Select the third line and press the CMD+D shortcut twice to make this line slightly smaller.重复该过程,但每次使用快捷方式时要增加更多,以创建一系列大小递减的行。

画一个与顶线宽度相同的圆角矩形,然后用一个临时矩形和探路者把形状切成两半,形成一个直的底边。Align this shape over the series of lines.


Create a basic air filter graphic using two concentric circles.Use a white fill colour to allow the shapes to cleanly overlap the other shapes.


Use a circle to achieve a flowing curve for the exhaust pipe.Add a cut with the Scissors tool then delete the unwanted points.

Extend the path using the Pen tool.Click the open end point to continue the path then place another point while holding Shift to create a straight line.




对后排气管重复此过程。Use a white fill to allow the shape to overlap other illustration elements.

Finish off the illustration by constructing the seat using basic lines.Simplifying objects to the point where they're floating in space can really help capture the stylised pictogram theme.

Now let's clean up out linework.Draw a selection around everything and go to Object > Expand Appearance.

下一步,返回对象>展开。Both the Expand Appearance and Expand commands will convert the strokes to solid shapes.

Hit the Merge icon from the bottom line of options in the Pathfinder palette to clear out any intersecting paths where the various shapes overlap.

Place a coloured element underneath the illustration to see the shapes that still have a white fill.右键单击并选择“取消组合”,然后删除PathFinder生成的单个白色形状。


按Cmd+X将所有线条剪切到剪贴板,then draw a selection around all the invisible leftover pieces and hit delete.

Paste the linework back in and group the elements together.这些元素现在可以安全地赋予不同的填充颜色,而不影响负空间。

最后的插图经过了足够的简化,使其具有时尚的象形效果,but retains enough detail to help keep it recognisable as a motorcycle.

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  1. 我真的很喜欢你的插图和教程!我想知道你能否解释一下如何得到最后一块的纹理?

  2. Hi Chris,伟大的职位。自从我开始使用Illustrator以来,这篇文章实际上帮助我处理了一个我一直在努力解决的重大问题。在用不同的笔画宽度缩放艺术作品时,我总是遇到一个问题。By just showing the option in the preferences menu where we're supposed to uncheck the "scale strokes & effects",我立刻知道了解决办法。试过了,瞧,我的笔画比例正好。Gotta get back to the rest of the Tut.干杯!!!!

  3. Thanks!我将使用本教程。How did you get the letterpress look at the end?