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无缝重复模式的好处在于一旦创建,它们可以作为各种优秀设计的基础。Skateboard decks,custom apparel,package designs and website backgrounds are just some of the uses for the good old pattern swatch.Follow this tutorial to build a vector based repeating pattern of your own,以头骨的时髦图案为特色,stars,lightning bolts and other cool pop imagery.

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我们要创造的图案是灰色的单色图案,white and black and features a bunch of cool graphics.语音泡泡,skulls,crossbones,stars,滴下,sprays and lightning bolts all help to add that urban/punk pop feel.


Open up Adobe Illustrator.The first graphic we'll create is the speech bubble.画一个完美的圆(按住SHIFT键)并给它一个黑色填充。使用笔工具,画一个尖轮廓来模拟一个典型的语音气泡形状,overlap this with the main circle then select both objects and click the Unite option from the Pathfinder window to merge them both together.

使用类型工具添加某种形式的字体符号。Here I'm using a question mark set inVAG Rounded.Center up the mark by eye then group the two objects together.

接下来,我们将从一个简单的头骨图形开始。Draw an oval with a black fill and rotate it slightly.用钢笔工具画出颅骨的下颚,giving it a curved lower edge.用探路者把这两个形状结合起来。

Draw two ovals to form the eyes,轻轻地旋转每一个。Then place a triangle as the nose.To produce a triangle,select the Polygon tool and repeatedly press the down cursor key to reduce the number of points while dragging the shape with the mouse.

Select the black skull shape and go to Object > Path > Offset Path.在选项中输入1毫米,然后选择“确定”。

The newly generated shape by default sits at the top of the stack,so press CMD+Shift+[ to send it to the bottom.将此形状的黑色填充替换为带有黑色笔划的白色。Bump up the stroke to 2pt and align it to the outside.将所有对象组合在一起。

Draw a diagonal line and bump up the stroke to around 7pt.Use two small circles to overlap the line at each end.This forms a basic bone shape for the crossbones graphic.

使用探路器将形状合并在一起,then Copy (CMD+C),paste in place (CMD+F) and rotate to form the complete crossbones graphic.

Select each bone in turn and add an Offset Path (Object > Path > Offset Path).按Cmd+[敲击内部形状下方的新路径,然后在2点处添加与头骨图形相同的白色填充和黑色笔划。

Overlap lots of circles to form a simple spray graphic.Use Rounded Rectangles with the maximum corner radius to represent a couple of drips.Merge all these shapes together using the Pathfinder.

Draw some basic shapes as filler graphic for your design.可以用钢笔工具画一个闪电,circles are easily made with the Ellipse tool and stars with the,errm… Star tool.

Create a new document at 100x100mm then draw a large grey rectangle expanding beyond the edges of the artboard.Begin pasting in your graphics and laying out the shapes within the square.

当设计开始成形时,draw a selection over all your objects and move them diagonally upwards to extend outside the artboard.

Copy (CMD+C) then Paste in place (CMD+F) a duplicate of your objects then hit the Enter key to bring up the Move options.First enter 100mm in the Horizontal field,然后重复该过程,但在垂直字段中输入-100毫米。Repeat the process for a third time,但在水平和垂直方向上都有100毫米和-100毫米。

Inspect the areas around the document artboard where the pattern is repeating for gaps.粘贴更多的物体来填补这些间隙,但要将其保持在艺术板的范围内。


按Cmd+A选择全部,then go to Object > Expand.Select just the Stroke option,这将把所有笔画转换为实体形状。

按住SHIFT键并单击位于艺术板上方的新创建的正方形,将其从选择中删除,then press CMD+G to group everything else.重新选择这个正方形和对象组,并从Pathfinder窗口中选择裁剪选项。

图案图案现已完成。To put it to use inside Illustrator we can drag the shape into the Swatches palette.将此样本作为填充添加到任何形状以生成无缝填充图案。

View full size pattern design

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  1. Awesome tutorial!I actually did one of these a couple of weeks ago,but it kind of turned out not so well.Thanks for the post!

  2. 可能是个有点愚蠢的问题,但我对插画家比较陌生。
    Whenever I get to the point of cropping it simply seems to delete everything.Is there something obvious that I am missing?

    Thanks for another great tutorial!

    • 即使使用了多年的探路者,有时它还是会把我抓出来。Try selecting all your ungrouped objects (excluding the 100×100 rectangle) and making a Compound Path – Object > Compound Path > Make.这似乎对CS4中的探路者有帮助+

  3. I feel like as soon as I open illustrator,my hopes of creating a graphic as cool as yours will be shattered.My friend's 10 year old would drool over that pattern.
    Thanks for the tutorial!我今天肯定要试试这样的东西——也许是首字母。

  4. 克里斯,I can't seem to figure out the offset path.I have my skull made,but all pieces are still individual shapes,etc.

    A little help from here?!


  5. 喜欢这个教程!但我有一个(可能相当愚蠢)问题。每次我把自制的图案拖到样本选择上,it does pop up and i can change the name..但当我打开另一个文档时……It is gone from the swatches and I can't use it!我已经尝试退出并重新启动Illustrator了,但这并没有影响Anny。有人能帮我吗?

  6. always like your works…keep tutoring….plizz….对像我这样的业余爱好者很有用……^-^