Lomography and the lomo effect is massively popular in Photography circles.Lomo效应的起源来自一款廉价的俄罗斯相机Lomo LC-A,but we can recreate the imagery produced by this little cheap camera on our own digital photos with the help of beplay足球Photoshop.遵循这一步一步的photoshop教程,可以轻松地beplay足球为您的照片提供生动的字体特征。

The Lomo photo effect

Lomo style photo effect

Lomo style photo effect

The poor construction of the Lomo LC-A and similar budget cameras meant that photos would often feature unusually high contrast,模糊的色彩再现,强烈的饱和度,有时会非常模糊。Usually this would be classed as an absolute failure in terms of typical analogue photography,但随着Lomo的出现,这一切都增加了相机的魅力和特点,以及它所产生的不同寻常的图像。



Lomo images often have unusual blue,绿色和黄色,所以我们可以在photoshop中复制它,通过应用渐变图beplay足球来替换照片的所有原始颜色。从调整层菜单中选择渐变贴图选项,然后将渐变从深蓝色(030629)更改为中蓝色(1F6393)更改为鲜绿色(14E2AF)。这些颜色将应用于阴影,图像的中间色调和高光。

将渐变贴图的混合模式更改为覆盖。This will allow the blues and greens to interact with the original colours of the image to preserve some of its natural appearance,但仍然给照片一个模糊的颜色复制洛莫照片。更改不透明度以调整颜色调整量。

Lomo images also have excessively high contrast where shadows are really dark and highlights are blown out.使用曲线调整层在Photoshop中重新创建此效beplay足球果。移动曲线以增加高光和阴影。

Create a new layer and fill it with black.Name this layer "Vignette"then use the Elliptical marquee tool to draw a selection from corner to corner.


按Delete键或Backspace键从选定内容中删除中心区域,以形成从图像边缘潜入的渐晕效果。Alter the blending mode to Multiply and adjust the opacity to around 80%.

The final characteristic to recreate from original lomo photographs is the unusual blurriness.按Cmd+A选择全部,then hit CMD+Shift+C to Copy Merged.将所选内容粘贴到层堆栈顶部的新层上,然后添加3像素高斯模糊。

我们不希望我们的整个形象变得模糊,因此,在模糊层中添加一个图层蒙版,并围绕中心绘制一个椭圆选择。Feather the selection then fill the area with black to render that portion of the layer mask transparent.

蓝色/绿色,high contrast and blurry vignette all combine to mimic the characteristics of those old Lomo cameras.With the original analogue cameras it would be pot luck as to whether the image would turn out as expected,但是有了这个photoshobeplay足球p效果,我们可以将这些调整应用到我们想要的任何图像上,并调整每个方面以创建完美的摄影效果。


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  1. 克里斯,

    Even though I know there are plenty of variations of the Lomo effect and I do like TomAnder's Lomo beplay足球Photoshop action,我真的很喜欢你对洛莫的看法。也,your play-by-play are spot on for novices to follow along.


    • 嗨,克里斯,
      从洛莫效应中学到了一些东西。It may be used creating any retro design.
      Thanks a lot.

  2. 可爱的教程!!!!i have recently discovered lomo and fell in love with the crazy colours and feel.我在骑车的时候用数码相机拍了很多点和镜头类型的照片,这真的为我的外观和最终的设计和使用的照片增加了很多。

  3. I wanted to see how the "Lomo"技术,as presented by Chris,would look on a digital/photorealistic-like painting.结果公布在我的行为档案上(BY.LY/15YBII4)以防你感兴趣。

  4. 这正是我最近几天所做的。有趣的是当我需要它的时候它就出现了。你的洛莫效应比我做的要容易得多,不过看起来也不错。At least now I know a faster,更简单的方法。继续努力,Chris.

  5. 伟大的克里斯,
    你很好地解释了整个过程,All steps are clear without any confusion and this snapshot explanation is really understandable.


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