平面风格在网页设计中非常流行,但这也是一种有趣的插图风格,它产生了非常酷的抽象艺术品,非常适合信息图形,图标,甚至品牌。In today's tutorial I'll show you how to create a vector space scene and planet in Adobe Illustrator,using its powerful shape building tools to easily create the trendy effects used by Illustrators.


我们将在本教程中创建的艺术品以一个简单的带有行星的空间场景为特色,stars and a moon all illustrated in a flat style with bright colours.The rounded lines that produce the basic shading on the planets is a really popular effect used by Illustrators who have adopted this stylised flat vector look.

首先在AdobeIllustrator中创建一个新文档。画一个矩形覆盖整个艺术板,以产生设计的背景。Give this rectangle a dark blue fill (#1e1e3a) by double clicking the fill box at the bottom of the toolbar.

在艺术板的其他地方画一个细长的矩形。Turn on Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides),然后按住ALT键并按住SHIFT键,同时拖动矩形的副本,直到它与原始矩形对接。智能导板可以很容易地将形状完全卡入到位。

Press and hold CMD+T (shortcut for Object > Transform > Transform Again) to create a series of perfectly aligned rectangle shapes.

抓住选择工具,然后在按住alt键的同时调整每个矩形的宽度。Alternate between a wide and narrow shape as you go,按任意大小缩放。

当所有形状的长度不同时,select them all and click the Unite option from the Pathfinder panel to merge them into one object.

切换到直接选择工具,这将在CS6+版本中显示角部件,click and drag the widget to round off the corners.Users with an older version of Illustrator can use the Effect > Stylize > Round Corners menu to find a suitable value to replicate this effect.

Go to Object > Transform > Rotate and enter a value such as 25°,then change the colour of the object to a mid blue (#313166) and scale the shape over the main artboard to creep in from the upper right area of the documemt.

按住Shift键并单击背景矩形以将其添加到所选内容中,then activate the Shape Builder tool from the toolbar.按住Alt键,单击矩形外部的区域,将形状裁剪为艺术板的大小。


按住SHIFT键,同时使用椭圆工具拖动,以在艺术板上的某个位置创建一个完美的圆。Give it a bright cyan fill such as #0ceef4.


Unite the shapes with the Pathfinder tool,then round off the corners by dragging the corner widget handles (or the Round Corners effect).

Go to Object > Transform > Rotate and enter the same 25° value,然后在圆上缩放和定位形状,allowing the lines to creep in from the bottom left.

Change the fill colour of the lines object to a darker shade of blue (#34bfd6) so it produces a simple flat style shading effect.

Select both shapes,然后使用“形状生成器”工具将直线对象裁剪到超出圆轮廓的位置。

取消选择形状,then select just the main planet circle.转到“效果>样式化>外部辉光”。

Change the colour to a bright cyan (#0ceef4),the Opacity to 100% and a size of around 20mm to form a soft glow.

Repeat the entire process to create a second planet or a moon.This time use a different colour such as magenta or yellow.我用的是e517be和af2b83的深色。Remember to add an Outer Glow effect,但尺寸较小,与月球/行星的比例相匹配。



添加外发光效果,but with white as the colour and a much smaller blur size of around 2mm.



Switch over to the Symbol Sizer tool from the Symbol Sprayer's sub-menu,then hold the ALT key while dragging the tool over the shapes to shrink them in size.Quickly ‘scribbling' over the artwork with the tool will allow the shapes to randomly change size as some are affected more than others.

选择主背景矩形并按Cmd+C进行复制,然后按Cmd+F粘贴到前面。选择此形状和symbols元素,然后从右键单击菜单中单击make clipping mask。

The stars will currently appear over the top of the planet and moon,因此,通过选择排列>返回来更改堆叠顺序,然后向前移动,使它们位于背景矩形上方。


最后的结果是一个简单的空间场景的冷静的平面风格矢量插图。The basic shapes do a great job of producing that trendy stylized look,while the vibrant colours give the design a bright,几乎照亮了外观。

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  1. 我喜欢你如何使用形状生成器工具,以及创造恒星并使其大小不同的技术。我真的很喜欢阅读和观看关于平面设计和插图的教程!

  2. Hi Chris,
    1。不是生成一个圆形路径,而是得到一个很好的圆形区域,但在矩形路径内。Thus it produces little white corners when I try the Shape builder tool with the circle below.



    • The Shape Builder has totally changed how I create stuff in Illustrator.我不知道它在程序中有多长时间,但我也一直在使用探路者。