Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create a cool vector Yeti character.We'll use as many basic shapes as possible to achieve that quirky style of illustration,然后用一种冷色调使人物栩栩如生。Despite the use of basic shapes this tutorial includes a good spread of intermediate to advanced tools and techniques.


The Yeti character we'll be creating is made up of basic shapes to maintain that simple illustration feel.The plump round shapes all help create a friendly and loveable character while the high shoulders and wide stance give him a slow and lazy personality.

View the vector Yeti character design

Whenever you start a character design it's always worth creating a rough sketch to base any vector element on.将草图(包含在成员的源文件下载中)放入Illustrator文档中,并使用大椭圆来勾勒主体形状。将椭圆的下半部分与一个临时矩形相交,然后使用“取景器”选项板中的“减法”按钮将多余部分剪辑掉。

Match up basic shapes to flesh out the overall appearance of the character.Toggle on Smart Guides (CMD+U) to make aligning elements super easy.这里我用两个圆形的矩形来表示每条腿,then a smaller circle aligned in the center which will be used to create a smooth join between them.

Blend the rectangle legs with the main oval body using the Merge button from the Pathfinder palette,then use the Direct Selection tool to delete out the upper points from the rectangles and lower point of the circle to leave two open paths.

选择开放路径的一端并将其连接以填充间隙。Repeat this on the opposite side to leave a complete path outlining the whole body.

Draw a large circle to match the profile of the arms.Drag the lowermost point upwards to round off the arms near the hands.

Press CMD+C and CMD+F to copy and paste a duplicate of the main body shape,press CMD+Shift+] to send it to the top,then use this shape as a tool with the Pathfinder to ‘Subtract' this shape from the arms.Right click and select Ungroup to split the arms into two separate elements.

Draw three increasingly sized circles at the bottom of the arm to represent a simple hand.把圆圈合并在一起,然后复制手臂的形状。确保臂位于堆栈顶部(cmd+shift+]),then use it to clip away the overlap.

复制手的形状,把它送到最上面,同时选择临时手形和身体形状,then hit the Subtract button from the Pathfinder tool to clip away the overlap between the hand and the main body.

Draw three circles aligned side by side and align them to the foot area.Select the three circles and hit CMD+8 to create a Compound Path then make a duplicate of the main body shape and use the Pathfinder to ‘Intersect' the circles to create a set of toes.

画一个圆作为面部轮廓的基础,then use the Direct Selection tool to manipulate its shape by dragging the top and bottom points into place.

用一个黑色填充的圆圈和一个较小的白色圆圈创建一个简单的眼睛,then hold ALT and drag the shapes to create a copy.

Draw a large and small circle elsewhere on the document and create a Blend between them by going to Object > Blend > Make.

Head back into the Blend options (Object > Blend > Blend Options) and change the settings to Specified Steps with a super high value of say 800.

Next,give the shape a Warp with the Envelope Distort feature (Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Warp).使用“圆弧”选项并调整弯曲形状的量。

Reset the shape back into an editable object by going to Object > Expand.Select both the Object and Fill options.



把这个随机的形状放在脸上代表嘴巴,then draw three white circles as teeth.把牙齿合并成一个形状,make a duplicate of the mouth shape,send it to the top then use the Intersect option from the Pathfinder to clip them to size.

Repeat the process,但这次用一个红色的圆圈来代表舌头。

The overall structure of the character is complete,but yetis are generally quite furry.我们的头发看起来很秃…

Draw a circle elsewhere on the artboard and drag out the right most point with the Direct Selection tool.Add this to the Brush palette as a new brush and select the Art Brush option.In the options make sure the direction of the brush is correct,then change the Method dropdown to Tints.

使用画笔工具在角色身体和手臂的一半周围绘制粗线。Don't worry about the inner areas of the shapes,just pay attention to the new outline the brush strokes are creating.

Once brush strokes have been added to one half of the character select them all and go to Object > Expand Appearance to convert the strokes into solid shapes.

Copy and Paste the series of strokes then go to Object > Transform > Reflect to mirror them on the opposite side.添加随机颜色填充,以便于看到任何重叠,尤其是头顶。

Starting with an arm,select all the brush strokes along with the main arm shape and merge them together with the Pathfinder palette.

Repeat the process on the second arm,then replace the fill/stroke to white/black and send the arms to the bottom of the stack so they don't overlap the body.

选择身体形状以及所有剩余的画笔笔画,并将它们合并在一起。Replace the fill and stroke and adjust the stacking order so the facial features are visible again.

The series of brush strokes around the character gives him a loveable furriness!

Use more brush strokes to surround the facial outline and to add a belly outline.The strokes around the face should be directed inwards as opposed to outwards like the main body shapes.

Expand and blend the facial outline stroke together but this time use the Subtract option from the Pathfinder to clip out the outline from the facial outline shape.必要时增大面的大小。



Replace the white fills with a subtle blue/grey,then add a 3pt blue/grey stroke.使用笔划调色板中的图标将笔划与外部对齐。

Fill the facial area with a slightly lighter blue tone and add the 3pt stroke,this time aligned to the inside.


Open the Appearance palette and select the Add New Stroke option to the body and arm shapes.

将此填充调整为浅蓝色,尺寸设置为11pt,并与内侧对齐。将相同的填充物添加到面部轮廓,but aligned to the outside.



Add a simple radial gradient fill to a circle then squash it into a flat oval.

Position these shapes underneath the Yeti's feet to add a touch of shading to help ground the character.


This leaves our cool vector Yeti character complete!Group together all the shapes that make up the figure so it's ready for use as a mascot for your product or website.

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  1. 我希望你能写好你的教程,with elaboration on the pathfinder tool,I am making these extra copies of certain body shapes and it doesn't even let me intersect or whatever,I had to use the eraser tool for the hands,and can't do anything with the toes.非常令人沮丧的教程。也许你可以把技能比率放在你的教程上,这样以前从未使用过某些工具的人就知道不必为这个费心了。

  2. This is so weird and awesome.I really wished I had the use of a vector yeti,马上。Well,我想我得等一下。


  3. 在线教程总是很好的知识来源,并且在需要时总是很有用。I have learned a lot from such tutorials as it's very detailed and anyone with little knowledge can follow the instruction on it.Thanks for sharing.

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