我一直喜欢浏览被称为Vexel插画的神奇艺术风格,最近我决定亲自尝试一下。Follow this step by step tutorial for the making of my first vector art portrait of Tron Legacy's Quorra.Learn how the portrait is carefully traced and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator to create an interesting vexel style design.

Quorra Vexel样式矢量艺术肖像

The portrait we'll be working on features the beautiful Quorra character from Tron Legacy.The term vexel art matches the style of this illustration,where a semi-realistic image is produced from numerous layers,but to be fully recognised as a vexel illustration the artwork has to be pixel based.这个设计是用Illustrator而不是Photoshop创建的,beplay足球我认为这是更好的工作工具,but to keep the vexel purists happy we should refer to it as vector art.
When creating this type of artwork you can go as simple or as detailed as you like.The less layers,插图变得更具风格和“艺术性”,much like this piece.另一方面,如果你有几天的空闲时间,一个惊人的现实设计可以用数千层创建。


The first step when creating any vexel style portrait is to source a subject.我还在看电影《创世纪》,所以我挑选了这个角色Quorra的简介。Open up the image in beplay足球Photoshop and add a subtle Smart Blur to remove the finer details.

Next,make a duplicate of the layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Posterize and change the levels to between 15-20.As previously mentioned the more layers you create the longer you'll be sat tracing,but the overall image will include a much deeper range of tones and will become hyper-realistic.再次复制智能模糊层,并将其放置在后处理层上方。Change the blending mode to Color to remove the ugly green and blue tones added by the posterization effect.

Take a snapshot of the base image and place it into Adobe Illustrator.其思想是追踪从后验效果中产生的每个“形状”,以矢量格式重新创建图像。

Use the Pen Tool to trace the brightest highlight on the cheek.别担心要保持准确的轮廓,rounding off corners and drawing a more basic shape can often make for a better final image.


Continue the process of tracing each subsequent layer and sampling the tones from the base image.Soon the portrait will begin to take shape.As two areas of the design meet,您可能需要通过按Cmd+[或Cmd+]快捷键来更改堆叠顺序。

任何肖像的眼睛都是最重要的区域,因此,花点时间建立尽可能多的细节层。Notice how the whites of the eyes are more than just white – They include a range of subtle colour changes which make for a more realistic image when viewed from afar.


在艺术板上的其他地方画一个宽的,扁平椭圆形。Use the Pen tool to convert the anchors on each end to create sharp points.按画笔调色板中的“新建”图标创建新的画笔设置。

从选项框中选择“新建艺术画笔”,then change the Method to Tints.这将允许我们在必要时更改画笔笔画的颜色。

使用画笔工具和新的画笔设置为眼睛添加一些额外的定义和细节。Outlining the eye and drawing a series of eyelashes really helps them stand out.


Use the brush tool with a 0.25pt stroke setting to draw in individual strands of hair to disguise the ugly hairline outline.If required,双击工具调色板中的画笔图标以更改设置,如“保持选定状态”。




Draw a rectangle to enclose the design and send it to the bottom of the layer stack.使用来自肖像的柔和蓝色色调添加径向渐变填充。

在背景中使用一系列Vexel样式的轮廓形状有助于补充肖像中使用的艺术品的样式。Change these shapes to 15% opacity to tone down their prominence so they're hardly noticeable.

一行简单的文字很好地完成了设计。Here I've added the name ‘Quorra' in ulralight Helvetica Neue with super high tracking,neatly underlined with a thin border.

Quorra Vexel样式矢量艺术肖像

整个过程可能有点乏味,但是有了耐心,你可以放松下来,让你的头向下,连续几个小时创造简单的形状。最终的艺术品让它变得值得,especially if you take the time to create a super realistic design with numerous layers.


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    • @ Andrea Austoni
      Remember that when learning,你做的第一件事就是模仿别人的作品,直到你了解过程。Then as your skills develop you move on to improvising and developing your own style and approach.Its at that point you would start drawing your own portraits.如果你是一个插画初学者,或者对做像肖像这样令人生畏的事情没有信心,这是一个开始走上这条道路的好方法,to eventually drawing your own stuff :-)


      • 我不知道追踪photoshop的后验过滤器的结果如何教你捕捉一个人的特征,beplay足球更不用说发展自己的风格了,but if you want to skip the development of observational and drawing skills and take the easy shortcut this is a great technique with impressive results.

        • 我当然能理解你的观点,I'd love to be able to create realistic portraits by hand.即使在大学和大学的艺术和设计课上,我积极地追求更多的艺术方法,我也无法“画”出我所希望的任何东西。但正如古语所说,熟能生巧。也许我只需要花更多的时间?

          我认为这些追踪技术没有任何问题,like all digital design software it makes the creation of cool stuff much easier,to the point where someone who can't ‘draw' portraits can still create great looking portrait type work.当把任何一种现代数字技术与通常需要更多技能的更传统的方法进行比较时,也可以这样说。以摄影为例。

          Similar tracing methods are used by even some of the big name Illustrators I've come across.所以如果对他们有用的话,对我来说就足够了,哈哈!

          尽管有人说我爱你,赞扬你的插图,especially knowing that you are working by hand.What's even better is you take the time to also write tutorials to help share tips and advice.

          • I totally agree with Chris,我有一些朋友,他们是伟大的设计师,但不是一个熟练的抽屉。我是个好抽屉,但还不是一个好设计师。有时候我觉得一个人拥有两个肯定很幸运,and thanks to computer age which gives us the endless opportunity to deliver unlimited artsy creativity.

          • I think drawing and designing is very similar,他们都需要参考资料,实践和经验,以及造物主自己的情感,产生了一件艺术品。虽然我非常喜欢绘画,我尊重和钦佩优秀的设计师,他们的作品是用不同的媒介制作的,有时候他们的作品远比那些只会画画的人更深情,素描和绘画。

          • 我知道这种方法有它的优点,它当然可以帮助每个人获得更好的结果。I have a problem when it becomes the norm,虽然,年轻的设计师认为这是创造高端成果的合法途径。

            For my part,我目前正在努力克服我有限的绘画技巧,提供肖像画是一件好事,albeit risky way of putting myself on the line.
            I'm learning quickly,虽然,thanks to the pressure.

            - 4)
  1. 哦,nice one,克里斯。我一直在寻找一种“聪明”的方法来做一些好看的矢量照片跟踪。This guide will help enormously.干杯!

  2. Hi Chris,this is awesome.Just did my own portrait as I am fresh out of college and really trying to do as much practice as I can to improve my design work.喜欢你的教程和网站。谢谢)

  3. 漂亮的啧啧。I love how you use beplay足球photoshop to simplify the photo,but could you use the blending tool in illustrator to merge together her skin?还是创建渐变网格?

  4. 你好,先生……非常酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷酷
    comment me is Iran

  5. Fantastic tutorial!

    I'm using your techniques to solve a problem that's been vexing me for quite some time with a pic done in 8 bit graphics that I'm trying to do in Illustrator.The blur was what I needed to get a better working image.谢谢!:)

  6. Tools don't matter;风格也不一样。如果你把你心中的幻象带进观众的脑海,你已经成功了。Everything else is ephemeral.Not so long ago,摄影不是真正的艺术形式,因为,“这只是一台完成所有工作的机器。”

  7. 我想这可能是一个实时跟踪教程,乍一看,让我印象深刻的是,它甚至鼓励用手来描绘形状。Personally I do think an artist can gain a better understanding of light and volume by observing the way beplay足球Photoshop posterize flattens an image.It's mechanical,但它可以帮助你看到高光和阴影的相互作用,这种方式很难在色彩的细微渐变之间观察到。So if you look at it for that info,it can help you visualize your own way of representing an object with depth in fewer colors.也许不是所有技术的尽头,当然是有教育意义的!谢谢您!

  8. 请注意,Vexel不是一种风格。本教程与Vexel Art无关。
    Vexel art is meerly the layering of raster objects,regardless of how the outcome looks like.This is just what is known as "posterize tracing"把它和素素结合在一起给素艺术家留下了不好的印象。

  9. 在进入Illustrator之前从未想过要对图像进行后期处理。看起来很酷,但后人确实表现出来了,并没有给出一个独特的外观。仍然,if I was learning how to use Illustrator for vector art,this would be a good learning step.

  10. 几年前我在做素/光栅时学到的一件事是建立相同颜色的遮光层。That way,您可以获得更微妙的效果和更平滑的步骤混合。

  11. 克里斯!
    你真棒!!Though I browsed the web looking for info on using Illustrator to make street maps…u wowed me with your displays.I haven't started using it,但我希望不会很困难!

  12. "Take a snapshot of the base image and place it into Adobe Illustrator."

    我是人工智能的初学者。Can you please tell me how to do this step?谢谢您!

    - 1)