Prepare for any design project that you might face in 2019 with a huge upgrade to your font library.This newEssential Font Librarydeal from Design Cuts features a collection of pro-grade typefaces with an incredible 99% discount that reduces the regular $2187 price to just $29.Inside you'll find 16 premium font-families,all expertly made with numerous weights and styles that add up to 320 individual fonts.With a mix of clean sans,classic serifs and stunning scripts,you'll have an extended font library to rely upon throughout the new year and beyond.

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The Font Guru's Essential Library

All typefaces in this collection come with numerous weights and styles as complete font families.Many fonts also include stylistic alternates and other OpenType features for professional use,which you simply don't find in free fonts.As a bonus,many of the fonts also include bonus/extras packs,containing additional creative beplay足球resources.This discounted price of $29 would be a fantastic deal for just one of these premium quality font products,but to receive all 16 font families makes it an unmissable offer.

Buy The Font Guru's Essential Library for $29

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