Back in 2008 I had been playing around with my little Blog.SpoonGraphics site for about a year and I was starting to see some nice traffic growth.I then discovered Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) and absorbed all his advice on how to "crush it"in order to make a living doing what you love.I put his tips into practice and 5 years of hard work later and I'm now running this site as my full time job.The man himself then contacted me out of the blue just a couple of weeks ago to offer a free copy of his new bookJab,Jab,Jab,Right Hookfor review.How could I resist?

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook book

I have to admit,I usually decline review requests that I receive by email.Most of them are for books,products or apps that don't really interest me,but this time it was different.加里的建议不仅极大地帮助了我理解如何正确利用社交媒体来建立企业,but he offered the copy of JJJRH on a personal level,it wasn't just some "for immediate release"我的收件箱里有一个公关包。我很欣赏他多年来所提供的所有灵感,所以我很高兴能帮助传播有关JJJRH的信息,并希望能鼓励其他人建立自己的在线业务。

How I discovered Gary Vaynerchuk

This is the video from 2008 that introduced me to Gary V.I immediately engaged with his enthusiastic presentation and humour and took his advice to heart back when I was trying to grow my little hobby.I subscribed to all his videos over ongaryvaynerchuk.com甚至享受了几集,despite not even being a wine drinker!我拿起他的书Crush It!in 2009 and continued to hustle in order to build my online business and develop my personal brand.

Jab,Jab,Jab,Right Hook

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook book cover

The cover art and title of Gary's latest bookJab,Jab,Jab,Right Hookwas enough to really capture my interest.This time Gary focuses on telling your story in a noisy social world,我们这些天都面临着这样一个问题:社交订阅过于繁忙,很难让你的东西被注意到。我们都看到大公司以错误的方式进行互联网营销,只是冲你大喊大叫,强迫他们吃东西。Gary不仅分享了自己与客户建立关系的方法,but also provides some fantastic case studies of those who are doing it wrong,指出不该做的事。

JJRH book preview

Above all,阅读加里·瓦内尔丘克的书最好的一点就是它的对话风格。我记得加里说自己不是一个作家,so he dictated the content for Crush It!I can only assume the same is true for JJJRH,当你读完这些页的时候,你仿佛能听到加里在你脑海里美妙的泽西口音。

JJJRH book preview

I'm only about half way through the book so far but I've picked up some great tips and realised there's so many opportunities I'm missing out on.I'd definitely recommend picking upJab,Jab,Jab,Right Hookif you're anyone who has content to promote via Twitter,Facebook,Google+,Tumblr or even Instagram and Pinterest.If you're unfamiliar withGary Vaynerchuk一定要先吸收他所有的视频内容,以便真正欣赏文字背后的人物,并获得完整的维纳体验。

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  1. Great video Chris (Gary Vaynerchuck)!谢谢你的来电。我也刚买了他的书《刺拳右勾拳》,看完你的文章。Love the cover design and the look of the inside pages.

  2. 加里的忠实粉丝——所以一定要看看他的书。The little tid bits you have provided give me even more reason to take a look.



  3. 加里第一次引起我的注意是,当我听说他是如何将他家族的葡萄酒公司革命为4000多万美元的公司时,他又一次,he made some breathtaking predictions in the world of social media including that Facebook would be buying Instagram which eventually happened.Ever since then,I have always looked forward to what he has to say which I also share on my blog >

  4. 我是通过FB上的标签找到你的!这些东西很管用——期待在你的博客上有更多的链接。为令人难以置信的2014年干杯。


  5. Internet Marketing the wrong way,只是冲你大喊大叫,强迫他们吃东西。Gary not only shares his own methods for building relationships with customers


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