It has taken countless hours to render my latest free resource,所以我希望我的读者能在他们的设计项目中找到一些很好的用途。这些复古风格的灯泡标志是用photoshop的3D工具制作的,并结合特殊的灯光效果,创造出一个完整的字母表,可以排列成完整beplay足球的单词。每一个字母都有一个木纹背景和逼真的灯泡图案,散发出明亮的白炽光。尺寸约为1000x1000像素,300 dpi,因此,它们非常适合用于数字和印刷设计项目。


This free collection of vintage light bulb letters contains 27 graphics of all A-Z characters plus an ampersand so you can construct your own realistic marquee signs inspired by casinos and theaters!The download contains a layered PSD file and a PNG image with transparency to allow the letters to be copied and rearranged in your own design documents.

Download the free light bulb sign letters pack38兆字节

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  1. 令人惊叹的!谢谢……顺便问一下,你有没有一个“灯泡”的档案,上面的灯是“灭”的?所以我们可以让它们来来去去或变暗?多谢

    • I don't I'm afraid.The bulb image is actually from a photo I took of some lights at a Christmas market.事后看来,我应该破坏他们,所以我也有一个关闭灯泡的形象!

  2. Wow!直到我看到你的信预览版,自己打开PSD文件,才知道信是那么详细!我喜欢背后的努力,从真实的复古外观和每个字母中灯泡的视角来看。再次添加到我的免费资源集合中——可能对运动图形很好,beplay足球介绍和开场白!

  3. 这太棒了。I did one of your tutorials to make these letters..但我故意用了一个简短的词。Thank you for doing the entire Alphabet for us!Much appreciated!

  4. 非常感谢您共享您的资源。beplay足球我仍然需要找到一些灵感来用它们,but I love the Hollywood retro film appeal.Thanks again.

  5. 你总是有这样的乐趣和平常的想法和免费赠品!!Thank you for your generosity and time — please know that they are MOST appreciated!!-)

  6. Hi!I'm a new subscriber to your website,but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the amazing things you send out.

    Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much,Chris!这些太棒了。我只是想创造一个天棚,这些将是完美的!

  8. Thank you so much for this awesome font.As another commenter wrote,it was the larger ‘A' that caught my eye.:)

  9. Thanks Chris for another awesome resource!我已经把它用的太好了,真的很感激它必须花时间完成。