I've been playing around with bright lights and camera lenses to produce a range of realistic vibrant bokeh images that can be used as backgrounds to your designs,or overlaid onto photographs to add realistic retro style light leak effects.This free set contains 30 high resolution JPGs,each with a unique spread of bokeh blurs in a variety of colours.Unlike the digitally crafted alternatives,这些图形有一个额外的水平的真实性与自然混合的色彩和一点ISO纹理。

30 Free Light Leak and Bokeh Flare Photo Overlays

Use the colourful bokeh flares as backgrounds to form the foundation of a design,or paste them on top of a photograph and change the blending mode to Screen to see how they can produce a nostalgic retro mood.Being standard JPG files at 3264x2448px means these beplay足球resources are compatible with all image editing software.

Download my free light leak photo overlays

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  1. Thanks so much for this,and for all the files,tips and excellent tutorials you share with us,你真是一颗宝石!

  2. These graphics look great.On websites,their quality can make or break the design and feel of the site.The importance of good photography in web design is imperative.A wonderful shot highly related to the content of the website can help to bring a visitor in,and if there are great photographs which are prominent on each page,then this helps encourage the visitor to stay even longer.因此,高质量的照片对于使网站专业化和美观至关重要。

    • Hi Cara,yes,I totally agree,the quality of the shot with the suitable content can make a huge difference to make a website professional and aesthetically pleasing.

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  3. Thank you sooooo much for sharing your talent with us!It's been really helpful,gonna recommend it for sure.祝你有美好的一天!


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