I've been admiring some beautiful illustrations and examining the techniques the artists use to add details to their work.我注意到一种流行的着色方法在服装设计和具有复古风格的插图中尤其突出,那就是使用点画。其中添加了精细的矢量纹理,以在黑暗区域建立色调和阴影。After seeing how effective this technique is,I created my own set of Illustrator scatter brushes to provide myself and my readers the tools required to create this effect.Download this free pack of 8 stipple shading brushes to easily paint grungy details onto your artwork with Illustrator's brush tool.



How to use the Stipple Shading brushes

Illustrator's draw inside mode

My favourite technique for using these stipple shading brushes is with a Clipping Mask.使用笔工具在新图层上跟踪插图的某个区域,then activate the Draw Inside mode from the bottom of the toolbar.

Adding texture with Stipple Shading brushes

抓起刷子,然后从库中选择一个点画着色画笔。Go ahead and paint over your artwork to build up the tones with lots of tiny vector textures.

Troll illustration with stipple shading



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  1. Man!真的,这太棒了。Always wondered where illustrators get these patterns.Thanks so much for sharing these!再加上内线得分是个杀手。我真的不知道。Keep it up,Chris.Downloading this now…

  2. 嗨,克里斯,

    – Logan

  3. 嗨,克里斯,Fab工具!!!!…and thank you so much for sharing.One question,它们对CS6版本无效,right?

  4. As usual,非常好的免费赠品和技术……谢谢你,克里斯……你绝对是我最好的想法来源之一……

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all this!我是一个多媒体艺术学生,这些对我的项目脱颖而出有很大帮助。愿上帝保佑你,伙计!

  6. 真的!Love ol' fashion ‘grain' – super excited to work with this using your great tips -many thanks!

  7. Just moved away from beplay足球Photoshop to Illustrator for most web design works,this brushes could not have come at a better time.I am sure i will be using them in many of my works.谢谢分享。

    • 克里斯,你所做的和分享的都很棒。I am self taught and your tutorials keep opening new features.Not sure if this is the place but I am struggling to find the righ info on working with path and inside them in the way you do.……欢迎光临。我倾向于绘制扫描实时绘制扩展复制区域和fil…但您的方式提供了更大的深度/控制。Thanks again


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